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Published in Cameras, Product Reviews on 16th December 2017

Essentially, you can take music videos with a simple smart phone, and it just might be good enough to pass as a solid one. Furthermore, there’s a bunch of software and programs that can help you out in editing them, and they’re bound to get the attention of a handful of people at least.


Now, the question is – should you do it? A proper camera doesn’t cost a fortune, and the end result is hardly comparable in the given situations. Furthermore, there’s a certain number of camera models that could surprise you with their affordability, as well as their capabilities of taking high-quality, high-definition videos.


We’ve comprised a small list of the best cameras for music videos, each boasting different qualities that are a must for taking superb recordings.

2017’s Reviews of the best camera models for music videos


The first step in finding a good camera for music videos is to find a reliable brand. Namely, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon are just some of the names that guarantee quality, and we’ve taken the liberty of handpicking some of the best models from these giants, organizing them throughout the price point categories from the most, to the least expensive ones. Browse through our humble selection until you’ve found the one that suits you:

1. Sony 4K FDRAX33 Camcorder

A short overview:

You are looking for a camera that will capture vivid, flashy moments during a music video shootout, and Sony offers a plain solution – the FDRAX33 camcorder. We’re looking at a high-end bundle comprised of a premium-quality camcorder and supremely convenient compact carry case.


Generally, this model is one of the most powerful and versatile cameras we’ve come across, and there’s a plethora of reasons for that. First of all, it packs quite a punch with the Exmor CMOS sensor which boasts the capability of shooting videos in widescreen resolution at 8.29 megapixels.


Apart from that, the FDRAX33 brings a number of superb features onboard, including the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar lens, type-0.24 viewfinder, and Xtra Fine LCD display. All in all, even though this camera does cost quite a bit, it’s worth every single cent, guaranteed.

Manufacturer specs and features:


Sony’s FDRAX33 features the back-lit Exmor CMOS sensor that shoots vids at 8.29 megapixels and pictures at 10.3 megapixels. The BIONZ X processor filters and further improves the quality of your pictures and videos, accompanied by the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar 6-blade lens.


You’ll be able to cover every little detail with 10x optical zoom, including the faraway bits with 120x digital zoom. Furthermore, the 0.24-type viewfinder boasts the 100% field of view.


There’s a number of shooting modes at your disposal, including the “auto”, “Flexible spot”, “manual”, multi-segment metering mode, AE shift, backlight compensation, Zebra manual exposure assist, and more.


Last, but not least, the 3.0 Xtra Fine LCD display features the screen which measures 921 by 600 dots – practical and convenient.


  • Outstanding versatility and superior efficiency
  • Comes outfitted with a convenient carry bag
  • Remarkable video quality
  • Small, compact design
  • Works like a charm with natural & electric lights


  • Mediocre performance in poor-lit backgrounds
  • Soft images
  • Costs quite a bit

2. Nikon D5500 Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera

A short overview:

Nikon offers a huge catalog of superb cameras and other imaging products, and we dub their D5500 as the best in line for a good reason. Namely, this camera is not only powerful and well-built, but it also comes outfitted with a set of outstanding features.


A sharp lens, a remarkably powerful image sensor, and lots of recording modes and options should be enough to get us started. Now, even though it costs quite a lot, most high-end products are far more expensive, and the D5500 can easily go toe to toe with the best of the best.

Manufacturer specs and features:


Nikon’s D5500 comes outfitted with a Nikon F lens mount w/ AF contacts, a processor unit that boasts 24.2 megapixels, and a superb 23.5 by 15.6 millimeters CMOS sensor. Apart from that, there’s also the eye-level pentamirror reflex viewfinder onboard.


The picture and video modes at your disposal are standard, neutral, monochrome, portrait, vivid, landscape, flat, and others. The LCD touchscreen can be swiveled for easier use at various angles. Even though you might find this feature irrelevant during your music video shootings, you can also use the Wi-Fi connection for easy streaming and sharing.


  • Highly durable
  • Ultra-high resolution due to 24.2 MP image sensor
  • Exceptionally sharp performance due to low-pass filter
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Swiveling LCD screen makes it very easy to use


  • Photographers tend to complain about the lack of dials, but it’s nearly perfect for vide shootings


3. JVC Everio GZ-R550 Quad Proof

A short overview:

JVC’s Everio GZ-R550 is one of their latest cameras, and a remarkable one, if we might add. Generally, it’s best characterized with supremely high durability, an outstanding feature outfit, and a well-balanced performance.


Overall, this camera boasts high capabilities in terms of optical and dynamic zoom, a high built-in storage, and a long-lasting battery lifespan. On top of that, you’ll be able to record videos in full HD in virtually any sort of environment – be it a rainy day, a freezing mountain, or a controlled, yet humid area, you won’t have to fret about a thing.


The reason why we’re recommending JVC Everio is quite simple. It’s one of the best medium-end cameras for recording music videos, as it offers a lot of options without demanding a fortune in turn. It’s supremely reliable, and it’s more than capable of meeting the needs of video shooters, no matter how versatile they may be.

Manufacturer specs and features:

The first most notable feature of JVC’s Everio is the high-capacity internal memory storage of 32 GB. Apart from that, there’s the Quad-proof body, boasting waterproof and environment-resistant capabilities which make it ideal for virtually any kind of situation. The internal battery can last up to five full hours, which might be a bit of a downfall if you intend your video shooting sessions to last more.


The optical zoom can reach up to 40x while the dynamic zoom reaches 60x. There’s the 2,5M back-lit CMOS sensor, as well as AVCHD progressive recording technology which make Everio quite convenient.


Other notable features include the Konica Minolta lens, the enhanced advanced-image stabilizer, playback & recording time counters, time-lapse REC, K2 technology, and more. Last, but not least, you’ll also benefit from 24Mpbs high-bitrate recording, which is one of the primary reasons why we recommend this camera for music video recordings.


  • Convenient environment-resistant body design
  • Built-in 32GB memory storage
  • Progressive recording at 28 Mbps
  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • Moderate price


  • Certain features are not particularly useful for music video shootings
  • Only 5 hours of battery lifespan


4. Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera

A short overview:

Panasonic is just one of the many world-class leaders in the tech department, and if you happen to like their products, you’re in for a real treat. Namely, the D3400 SLR camera is capable of taking superb HD videos with the 20.3 MP MOS sensor and Leica Vario-Elmar lens. You’ll be able to take the most exquisite 4K records and photos with it.


Surprisingly enough, Panasonic’s DC-ZS70S is one of the few medium-priced cameras that boast ultra HD qualities, and it’s safe to assume that it’s extremely valuable for the cash, given that most sub-1K cameras can’t even compare in certain spheres of performance. All things considered, it’s worth giving a try, to say the least.

Manufacturer specs and features:


The first thing you’ll notice about Lumix DC-ZS70S is the convenient, compact design. It features a 20.3 MP MOS sensor combined with a Leica Vario-Elmar 24.72mm lens and 5-axis Hybrid Optical image stabilizer.


The 1.66k-dot viewfinder helps with situations with excessive light (such as outdoor sunny events) while the lens barrel-mount control ring gives you the option to quickly operate the majority of functions. The best feature, however is the 4K video configuration (up to 2710 by 2160 pixels), but the same goes for pictures.


What’s more, your photo sessions (prior to music video shootings) will be made easy with the Post focus and internal focus stack features. Last, but not least the front-flip feature-enabled 180-degree screen significantly simplifies auto portraits and selfi-images.


  • This camera boasts an incredible level of versatility
  • Superb value for the cash, all things considered
  • Outstanding 4K imaging and video recording
  • Ultra-compact travel-friendly design, making it remarkably valuable for outdoor video shootings
  • A set of powerful, easy to use features


  • Potential problems with the “flash” feature
  • Most features are pretty simple, but you’ll still need some time to get accustomed to some of them

5. Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera

A short overview:

Canon’s cameras are favored by professionals and semi-pros alike, and the only logical conclusion is that you’ll be pretty safe if you go with some of their products. The Powershot SX530 is somewhat of an exception, though. Basically, it’s an entry-level camera that boasts a configuration that’s much alike to its high-end counterparts.


Frankly, this model is a breath of fresh air in the “affordable” price point category – it features a powerful zoom, a highly-sensitive CMOS sensor, and the premium-quality DIGIC Image processor, allowing for exquisite recordings and photos to be taken with great ease. Even though its affordability is its most valued benefit, there’s a plethora of things you will certainly find useful.

Manufacturer specs and features:

Apart from the superb 50x zoom, you’ll notice the 16 MP highly-sensitive CMOS sensor which is complemented with the DIGIC image processor. What’s more, a built-in Wi-Fi comes onboard, along with full-HD 1080p video recording capabilities.


Last, but certainly not least, most photographers rely on simple, convenient LCD screens, such is the 3-inch screen that comes outfitted to Canon’s Powershot SX530.


  • Very affordable for a high-quality camera
  • A remarkable outfit of features
  • Highly convenient and practical design
  • Surprisingly easy to use


  • The SD cards are sold separately
  • Mediocre durability

6. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

A short overview:

We’re closing the curtains with another Canon camcorder – the Vixia R800. Generally, this is the most affordable, and perhaps, the most convenient solution for people who’re looking for a good camera for music video recordings.


It features a neat design, and it comes outfitted with a high-quality set of features – plain as that. There are certain flaws that might appear as downfalls, but the potential benefits heavily outweigh and compensate for them.


Manufacturer specs and features:


Canon’s Vixia R800 is available in both black and white color variations, and the “memory card” and “lightweight tripod” bundles are at your disposal, should “base package” be too plain for your needs. The 57x zoom might not be of much use for your video recordings, but you’ll definitely love the Full-HD CMOS sensor and the Digic DV 4 processor.


  • One of the most affordable music video cameras in our review
  • Available in two color variations
  • Base package can be enhanced with memory card and lightweight tripod bundles
  • Superb zoom and minimum focus distance
  • High-quality features which heavily surpass the entry-level camera standards
  • Great value for the buck


  • Low durability
  • A modest set of options and settings


There’s an awful lot of cameras, as the market is insurmountably huge, but choosing the right one for your music video recordings shouldn’t be too hard. Namely, most cameras are good for one thing or the other, but a certain number of them excel in multiple fields of performance.


That’s the reason why we’ve handpicked only the best models from the most reliable and famous brands, such as Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, and more, and all you have to do is simply take a pick.


All in all, we hope that you’ve found this review of the best cameras for music videos as helpful, and we wish you all the luck in your search!




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