Best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 Introduction – A word about DJ controllers

Published in Controllers, Product Reviews on 31st October 2017

The DJ world is yet to answer the question of “What is the best dj controller for Traktor Pro 2″, and we’re here to help out.


First of all, Traktor Pro is a magnificent platform which allows for an exquisite DJ experience, but it needs a little something to direct the flow. Secondly, there are millions of controllers on the market, and it’s quite obvious that people often get lost in such a maze.


Traktor Pro 2 & DJ controllers – a brief summary of what we’re going to cover


There are many ways to manipulate the sound effects, songs, and mixes, and we think Traktor Pro 2 is one of the best DJ platforms so far. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to utilize this software to its full potential, you might want to check out our reviews of the Best DJ controllers for this engine, our comparison chart, and our small guide at the end.


DJ Controller Models Comparison Chart


Price Point Category


Key Features

Overall Rating

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX DJ Controlle

Very Expensive

Outstanding, excels in various aspects of performance, lacking in virtually none

Three touchscreen pads, dedicated mix section, advanced FX

One of the best dj controller for Traktor pro 2, if you're able to afford it

Numark NS7III

Costs quite a bit, but it's not overly expensive

Great performance and versatility. It could easily go toe to toe with the best high-end DJ controllers

Three high-res screens, stacked waveforms on the central screen, dedicated library, plug & play option

Does a pretty good bang for the buck, and it doesn't cost too much. Great for pros and semi-pros, even though immediate beginners might not be able to afford it

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

Decently affordable

Superb performance for a moderately-priced DJ controller

Duo-tone design, plug & play support, silicone-damped wheels, Traktor Pro software, Remix Decks

One of the best options for young, aspiring DJs. Great performance, superb price, and a high level of versatility would best describe this controller

Denon DJ MC4000

Very affordable

Very easy to use, solid performance, and highly durable

Two decks, pro-grade construction, upgradeable, USB connection, balanced booth outputs

Denon's DJ MC4000 controller is pretty good for the cash. It's equally good for pros as it is for beginners

Numark Mixtrack Platinum

One of the most affordable DJ controllers in our review

Decent performance and durability, moderate versatility

Two channels, 4-deck layering, long pitch sliders, USB connectivity

Pros might not like it, but Numark's Mixtrack platinum is absolutely ideal for aspiring DJs. Pretty good for the cash, and ideal if you're searching for budget controllers.

2017’s Reviews of the Best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 models

1.Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX DJ Controller


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Let’s open up with the big guns – Pioneer’s DJ DDJ-RZX DJ controller is one of the most powerful DJ tools you could possibly get for the cash. First of all, the reason why this contraption boasts such a high level of performance can be seen in the AC inlets. They reduce the contact resistance, allowing for a more accurate sound delivery.


Apart from that, you can easily monitor your activity via three 7″ touchscreens – these monitors are just large enough to provide easily readable information about any given track. Most DJs face troubles with feedback and sound distortion, but you can rest assured that Pioneer’s DDJ-RZX controller eliminates them altogether – the XLR combo jacks and the dedicated microphone section are “to blame” for it.


Needless to say, this is our top pick, and it just might be the Best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 on the market. The only downfall is that it costs quite a bit. Be it as it may, the plethora of benefits is more than enough to compensate for this small flaw.

  • Outstanding performance
  • Premium-quality features
  • Easily accessible 7″ touchscreens
  • Dedicated microphone section
  • Complementary “rekordbox”
  • Costs a fortune
  • Ideal for professional DJs, and not recommended for immediate beginners


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2. Numark NS7III


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Next on the menu of the best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 is Numark’s NS7III. Simply put, this is a powerful machine that features only the top-shelf hardware parts, but it’s quite a bit on the expensive side.


It features multiple screens that provide real-time feedback on your mix tracks, which is crucial for larger events. Furthermore, there’s the dedicated library screen which comes outfitted with special navigation controls. You can easily customize your DJ experience and improve your Traktor 2 Pro skills while kicking out only the coolest beats.


As it’s only normal with top-shelf products, Numark’s NS7III is quite expensive. Surely enough, it looks amazing, it excels in virtually all fields of performance, and it offers a lot of unique options, including the display of stackable waveforms and stacking parallel waveforms, allowing for simple beat matching.


In summary, Numark’s NS7III is pretty great for pros and semi-pros, and even beginners who can afford it might find it fun.


  • Very versatile DJ controller
  • One of the best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 models
  • Dedicated library screen with easy navigation controls
  • Plug & Play options
  • Real-time feedback
  • Quite expensive
  • Ideal for pros and semi-pros (although some beginners could grasp its basic mechanism of operation)


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3. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2


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Native instruments have made the S2 MK2 Dj controller specifically for Traktor Pro 2. It’s one of the best budget options, without any doubt, as it offers a lot without asking for much. This DJ controller is the second generation in the series, and it features updated hardware, as well as the improved dual-tone design and fader reliability.


The jog wheels on S2 MK2 were damped with silicone atop the highly durable aluminum plates, allowing for easier scratching. This means that even beginners could go pretty far using this DJ controller, without excluding the semi-pro DJs who love to pull out some slick cues on occasion.


We should point out that the S2 MK2 DJ controller is not a boutique DJ controller – it does a massive bang for the buck, that much is certain, but it can’t compare to top-shelf products like DDJ-RZX, for example. Overall, it’s pretty awesome and highly valuable for the cash.


  • Incredibly reliable DJ controller
  • Pretty affordable and highly valuable for the cash
  • Updated hardware and improved features over the earlier design
  • Silicone-damped wheels and aluminum plates allow for high-res scratching
  • One of the best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 in the mid-high price range
  • More suitable for smaller gigs
  • Requires a good laptop/PC[1]


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4. Denon DJ MC4000


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Beginners and veterans alike go with Denon for two reasons. First of all, this is a highly reliable brand, renowned throughout the DJ world for high-quality products. Secondly, their gear is decently affordable, thus making it ideal for people who can’t afford mean machines like DDJ-RZX and NS7III.


We’re looking at MC4000, one of the best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2 in the budget category. It’s an awesome DJ controller which boasts high levels of performance and durability. On top of that, the learning curve is not too steep – you don’t need to take classes or spend hours figuring out what does what.


The first most notable feature of Denon’s DJ MC4000 controller is the 2-deck construction – it’s a gig-ready controller that will have your back during small and mid-size gigs. It features a steel construction which ensures optimal durability, and a convenient USB connection, including two microphone inputs, and a RCA auxiliary input.



  • Exceptionally durable
  • Great budget DJ controller
  • Easy connection
  • 2-deck design
  • Ideal for mobile DJs
  • Touch-activated jog wheels
  • Dedicated pads
  • Long-throw pitch faders
  • Balanced outputs
  • Can’t exactly compare to top-shelf DJ controllers
  • Will work with Traktor Pro if it’s updated to the 2.9 version
  • The Crossfader isn’t replaceable
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5. Numark Mixtrack Platinum

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Comparing Numark’s NS7III to their Mixtrack Platinum isn’t exactly doable, as these two controllers are both great in their own right. What we can tell you is that this model belongs to a more affordable price range, and it’s more than worth the cash, all things considered.


There’s a total of sixteen multi-function pads for you to play and experiment with, as well as LCD jog wheels. Numark’s Mixtrack Platinum is a 2-channel DJ mixer that features a 4-deck payering, as well as premium mixing capability.

  • Sixteen backlit pads
  • Switch between deck platforms with ease
  • LCD jog wheels
  • 24-bit output
  • 10mm sliders
  • Very affordable
  • Best-suited for beginners
  • No final mix outputs, only RCA outs
  • Pitch-bend functions won’t work unless the buttons are held down
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Value Section – Things you should know about the Best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2


Once you’ve decided which DJ controller you like, you should think twice. As a DJ, you should have the idea of which models are good and which are bad, but let’s kick it up a notch. Let’s see how you should choose the best controller, which things you should consider, and plan your benefits.


How to choose the best dj controller for Traktor pro 2 – things to consider


In your search for the best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2, you’ll be facing a difficult choice – go for a budget option and experiment, or pay top dollar, part with a fortune, and reap the benefits by a long shot.


The first factor that will somewhat narrow down your search will be your budget – how much cash are you willing to part with. There are different price ranges, starting with the budget price point category that starts under $500, but there are also top-shelf boutique models that cost well above $3000.


Apart from that, your skills can be your guide. If you’re not familiar with DJ controllers, there’s no point in investing in spaceship-style contraptions that require years of experience to use.


Last, but not least, all models are different. When you take a look at the features a controller is comprised of, search for familiarities. Multi-deck platforms are better for experienced veterans while plain controllers are pretty fun to play around and perform small gigs.

The most notable benefits & things to keep your eye out for


A good DJ controller will get you started nice and easy, but only the best models will propel you straight to stardom. Knowing what you can expect and keeping the possible benefits in mind should be your motivator to take the search for the best DJ controller for Traktor Pro 2 even more seriously, so let’s see what they are:

  • Learn better with superior gear

You don’t get to learn how to use a DJ controller – you get to learn more about what becoming a great DJ looks and feels like. Most of your skills will be polished beyond shining once you start using better gear.

  • Sound better when you’re equipped with top-shelf controller

Even though it’s obvious, better controllers come outfitted with superior features. No matter how good you mix a tape, it will only sound as good as you present it. With the help of the best DJ controller for Traktor Pro 2, you can expect a major improvement in how your tracks sound.

  • Utilize your Traktor Pro 2 software to the max

The Traktor software is supposed to be used in a certain way, and there’s a fine line between using it “right” and “wrong”. If you ever notice that your sound is not as slick as before, or you can’t compare to your idols, you’re getting a red light that It’s time to get a better controller.

  • Buying a “keeper” will save you money by a long shot

Investing in a good controller will pay out eventually – you’ll be more satisfied, you can expect larger gigs, and, on top of all, the controller will grow on you as you grow in the heart of your audience.


We’ve seen what the market has to offer, and choosing which model is the best DJ controller for Traktor Pro 2 is all but easy. First of all, we’ve begun with the big one – the lean, mean DDJ-RZX machine by Pioneer. It’s absolutely perfect, if you have the cash, but it’s a distant dream if you’re broke, so it’s definitely not “the” best DJ controller for Traktor Pro 2.


Numark qualified for two places – there’s NS7III running up to DDJ-RZX and the Mixtrack Platinum basking in the budget price point category. Both models are pretty awesome, but sadly, no cigar.


Denon made quite a run with their MC4000 – this DJ controller is absolutely amazing, exceling at multiple fields of performance, but it’s just not right to compare it to our winner – the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2.


This model did not take the first place by accident – it took it by storm. An affordable, powerful engine that is as durable as it is beautiful, the S2 MK2 features a glorious level of performance without lacking one bit in other spheres. Needless to say, you should consider it (which we strongly recommend) regardless of your skill level. Small gigs or festivals – you can rest assured that the S2 MK2 will deliver.


[1] System requirements for Native Instruments S2 MK2:

-Mac OS X10,10/Windows 7 or 8 with the latest Service Pack

-Intel Core i5 / 2.0 Ghz Intel Core

-4 GB of RAM

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