CDJ 900 Nexus Review Buyer Guide 2017

Published in Controllers, Product Reviews on 13th July 2017

The Pioneer CDJ 900 line recently released the CDJ 900 Nexus / CDJ-900NXS label featuring a brand new full-color LCD screen; equipped with a high-resolution display, beat divide; four-deck beat sync, and ability to play sets from your smartphone or tablet, the CDJ 900 has all the essentials attributes of an excellent DJ controller.


2017’s Review of CDJ 900 Nexus 

Beyond the high-resolution display, instant view of wave forms, wave zoom, and Rekordbox beat grids;

the HID interface provides an ultra-simple way to control DJ software without needing a control disk.

I had to opportunity to try out the CDJ 900NXS and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

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  • The Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus has a high-resolution display screen providing you with the ability to quickly view wave forms, wave zoom, and easily navigate the Rekordbox beat grids.
  • Like the CDJ 900Nexus relative the CDJ2000 Nexus, the CDJ900 Nexus has tons of browsing capabilities with track lists, artwork and custom views.
  • The CDJ 900 Nexus has had the old Auto Beat Loop replaced with two new features:
    • Beat Divide
    • and Slip Loop
  • No cue buttons
  •  Flat Display
  • Still not a cheap unit although comparable and cheaper than the NXS2000 – also Pioneer makes high-quality products that are built to last!

The Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus inherits the Active loop, My Settings, Harmonic Key Analysis and the same build as the CDJ2000 Nexus

Overall, I loved this unit.

Not only is it equipped with the highly revered Wolfson DAC processor, delivering transparent and accurate audio signal, the combination of these features results in a highly improved signal-to-noise ratio.

1. Key Features and benefits of the 900NXS:

  • Full-Color, Hi-resolution, LCD Display

The CDJ 900 Nexus provides enhanced track information brought to you by its large, full-color, LCD display. The display provides the ability to view beat countdowns, phase meter, and track key indicators easily and vividly.

  • Rekordbox Compatible

Rekordbox, for those of you who are not familiar, is a music management, performance, and preparation software used to analyze and prepare sets.

Analysis tools include BPM info, cues, and loops. It is fully integrated with your smartphone or tablet and is fully compatible with the CDJ 900 Nexus right out of the box.

The ability to connect to turntables, laptops, multiple players, all via LAN connection sharing a single source is a major advantage of the CDJ-900NXS.

Rekordbox can be combined for access to pre-made loops, cues, and beat sync with the master deck.

  • Perfect Beats

The unit features quantize snaps, cues, and loops to the Rekordbox beat grid.

  • Beat Divide

Buttons allow you to cut and roll beat loops. Combined with Slip Mode, this feature allows you to snap back to the right place in your track when the Slip Mode button is released.

  • Improved browsing capabilities

Compared to previous models, this unit also improved on the selecting and viewing of track-lists, custom views, artwork, and a quick scroll through function via the rotary dial.

2. Verdict:

Bottom line – the unit dramatically improves on form, function, and number of advanced features such as the full-color hi-resolution display and beat quantization and wave control.

As compared to other Nexus models the 900-NXS more than stands on its own as compared to its more expensive older brother the CDJ2000 Nexus.

3. Who is this Product For?

  • Professional DJs will benefit from the pro features and quality build of this unit.
  • Beginner DJs will be able to affordably access professional features and mix live sets as good if not better than professionals.
  • Pioneer Enthusiasts will love the incremental advances of this unit over previous releases.

4. Full List of Features:

  • DJ play using music stored on smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi/USB connection
  • Highly evolved features to make every performance unique – Beat Divide, Beat Sync, Quantize, Slip
  • Supports multiple media and formats
  • High-quality audio circuitry for a faithful reproduction of sound
  • Control various DJ software via MIDI control
  • ‘My Settings’ function immediately reflects you own customized settings
  • ‘Traffic Light’ displays with a green light music that will sound harmonious with the key of the music being played on a Multi-Player connected via “PRO DJ LINK”
  • ‘Active Loop’ automatically starts loops when playback begins from a specified point
  • ‘4 Beat Loop’ enables construction of precise 4-beat loops simply by pressing a button

5. Full List of Product Specifications:

  • Playable media: iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, Android phone / Android Tablet etc. USB storage devices(flash memory / HDD etc.), Computers (Mac / Windows PC), Audio CD, CD-R / RW
  • Playable file: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF(iOS version of Rekordbox enable to playback only MP3 and AAC)
  • USB storage support file systems: FAT, FAT32, HFS+
  • Frequency response: 4 Hz to 20 kHz
  • S/N ratio: 115 dB or more
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003 % or less
  • USB ports: USB A port x 1, USB B port x 1
  • Audio output ports: AUDIO OUT(RCA) x 1, DIGITAL OUT(COAXIAL)x 1
  • Other ports: LAN(100Base-TX)x 1, CONTROL(3.5 mm Mini plug) x 1
  • Audio output voltage: 2.0 Vrms
  • Power: AC 100-240V (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
  • Electricity consumption: 33 W
  • Max external dimension: 320 mm (W) x 401.8 mm (D) x 105.5 mm (H)
  • Weight: 4.3 kg


Customer Reviews for CDJ 900 Nexus:



“The 900NXS boasts an impressive feature-set but is only mildly more affordable than it’s big brother.  Still, when thought of as part of a bigger picture, it makes sense to some people.  Choosing a pair of these and a DJM-750 can easily save a user between one and two thousand dollars when all is said and done.”



“The Pioneer CDJ-900NXS is hot and is likely to turn a few heads away from CDJ-2000NXSpurchases to obtain the very cool looping features, and yet all of this at the expense of hot cues. But for potential CDJ-900 buyers, Christmas just came early.”


D. Brown

“This is a reasonable upgrade from the previous models (900’s), which were the best investment with Pioneer prior to today. The 2000 series has always seemed gaudy unnecessary to me. These give you that sexy display, for not much more than the originals. I have fallen in love with my controller, however, I haven’t boxed up my CDJ’s because sometimes the gig does call for a broader, and more classic set up.”

“With a full-color LCD waveform screen, full integration with Pioneer’s music preparation software Rekordbox, and the ability to load tunes via WiFi, Pioneer’s new CDJ-900NXS blurs the line even more between CDJs and controllers. The unit offers the potential to play music from a PC, smartphone, tablet or USB as well as from a CD, the unit is about as far from the last generation’s club standard, the old CDJ-1000, as it is possible to imagine.”


Encino, Chicago

“The 900 nexus CDj is a great CDj. I bought this piece used but the condition was near perfect. The only thing I didn’t like and did not research was that the 900 nexus doesn’t use hot cues!!!!! Epic fail! Pioneer allows hot cues for the CDj 2000 nexus which is pricier.

But I am not complaining. This is a good product. At least it reads my USB sticks and will help me when I play out at clubs that do have the nexus series of cdjs. At home is perfect for practicing and organizing your music on record box.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend”


FAQ & Additional Tips:

The CDJ 900 Nexus pairs well with the following pieces of equipment:

1. DJM-850

Pioneer DJM-850 4-Channel Digital Mixer provides preconfigured studio-quality effects and access to Rekordbox Digital Vinyl System (DVS) – scratching and Vinyl-like control based on supportive software! For more info and a full set of specifications, click here.


2. HDJ-1500

Pioneer HDJ-1500 Professional DJ Headphones are ruggedized, balanced audio frequencies including soundproofing chambers and urethane memory foam ear pads for comfort. Check out the full specs here.


3. RMX-500

Pioneer RMX-500 Multi-FX is a lightweight multi-effects unit that includes onboard customization and quick access to all your effects, overdub sequencer, drum samples, and more! Check out a full list of specifications for the RMX-500 here!


Additional Resources:

The following website:

  5. Great video review of the CDJ-900 Nexus:


Final Verdict:


Pioneer DJ equipment has been around for years and has been an industry leader since 2001’s release of the DJM-300.

The CDJ 900 Nexus/CDJ-900NXS has seen some heavy modifications since its previous generation.

The slip mode, quantize capabilities, cloud-broadcast features, and being able to set cue points inside Rekordbox and see when the track is going to drop, on the fly, is a great advantage of this unit.

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